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Relaxation, well-being and regeneration...


JUFA Hotel Erlaufsee

Erlaufseestraße 49, 8630 St. Sebastian, Tel.: +43 (0) 5 7083-390

Wellness area with Finnish sauna, herbal laconium and infrared cabin


JUFA Hotel am Sigmundsberg

Sigmundsberg 1, 8630 St. Sebastian, Tel.: +43 (0) 5 7083-380

Sauna and indoor swimming pool


R&R Residenzen Hotel Mitterbach

Schwurwiesenweg 1, 3224 Mitterbach, Tel.: +43 (0) 3882 34482

Sauna – can be used depending on availablity by prior appointment



Physiotherapie Digruber

Herr Eric Digruber BSc, Health Center Mariazell, Spitalgasse 4-8, 8630 Mariazell/St. Sebastian, Tel.: +43 (0) 676 6268479, mail: pthdigruber@gmx.at



Acute diseases – post OP

Rehabilitation – chronical diseases

Visits at home

Refund by the health insurance company

Further details you find at the Website 

Contact me for a treatment!

Since January 2019 I work in cooperation with the health center of the region Mariazeller Land for your health. Physiotherapy is a natural treatment which is working with passive forces (because of therapists) and with active forces. So the miss buildings of the body should be corrected an the healing should begin or be forced. So to say you should learn again the right movements of your body. Physiotherapy often is the right way to replace medicaments or operations or to help additional to them.



Physiotherapie Neumeister

Herr Armin Neumeister, Hauptstraße 33, 8632 Gußwerk, Tel.: +43 (0) 3882/30014

Neben vielfältigen physiotherapeutischen Therapiemaßnahmen bekommen Sie bei mir Angebote zu Präventation körperlicher Beschwerden, Ernährung, Gewichtsreduktion, individuelle Trainingsprogramme, Beratung und Schulung von Angehörigen von Menschen mit Behinderung und Einschränkungen, Beratung zur Alltagsbewältigung für Angehörige und Betroffene, Unterstützung bei der Hilfsmittelversorgung und vieles mehr für die Verbesserung und den Erhalt Ihrer Lebensqualität.

Weitere Details finden Sie auf meiner Website 

Kontaktieren Sie mich für eine Terminvereinbarung! Seit Jänner 2019 finden Sie mich in der ehemaligen Praxis von Dr. Zach, Hochschwabstraße 7 (Freitag und Samstag nach Voranmeldung).  Ab 1.Juli freue ich mich, Sie in meiner neuen Praxis in der Hauptstraße 33 begrüßen zu dürfen.






Mrs. Mag. Karin Saria Girrer, Wiener Straße 64, 8630 Mariazell, Tel.: +43 (0) 680 23 45 789, mail: massage@ausZEITraum.at

Medical therapist
health masseur (refund is possible)

DGKS (nurse) + clinic psychologist

Terms by appointment!

Visit at home and in the hotel is possible!


Massage Georg Biber

Stausee 5, 3224 Mitterbach and Doctor’s office Dr. Surböck (Hauptplatz 10, Mariazell), Tel.: +43 (0) 0650 301 01 10, massage.georgbiber@gmail.com

Medical masseur, commercial masseur



Herr Michael Gawriloff jun.

Ritzhofstraße 12, 8630 St. Sebastian

Tel.: +43 (0) 650 6584143, Gewerblicher Masseur, Sportcoach, La Stone Practicer

LA STONE: this massage technic is done with hot and cold stones. Additional much massage oil is used during the treatment. The various centers of energy (chakras) are activated because of the massage with the stones as well the laying of the stones on the body. This form of massage is relaxing and additional existing blockades of energy can be solved. Terms by appointment, per phone or per Mail:  michael.gawriloff@gmail.com


Herr Stefan Treml

Hauptstraße 12, 3224 Mitterbach

Tel.: +43 (0) 664 48 20 813, mail: massage@stefan-treml.at

Free lancing healing masseur
Commercial masseur
Med. Lifeguard
Visits at home possible

Terms by appointment


Shiatsu – Japanische Massage

Frau Petra Rauscher, Tel.: +43 (0) 650 23 24 265

Dipl. Shiatsu therapist, therapy with precious stones, Cupping, Moxen, yoga (Japanese yoga, DO-IN), group and single trainings on demand

Terms by appointment via phone





Zentrum für Gesundheit

Mr. Dr. Walter Surböck, Hauptplatz 10, 8630 Mariazell, Tel.: +43 (0) 660 383 01 01

Opening hours by appointment


Holistic analysis, diagnostics and therapy:

  • Cancer
  • Diseases of the skin and allergies: neurodermitis, psoriasis, acne, asthma bronchial, hay fever
  • Rheumatic and decretive diseases of the muscles and joints,
  • Obesity
  • Autoimmune diseases, for example “Hashimoto therapy”
R&R Residenzen, © Schwarz-Koenig
R&R Residenzen, © Schwarz-Koenig
R&R Residenzen, © Schwarz-Koenig



Frau Monika Brandl

Feichteggerwiese 19, 8630 Mariazell, Mobil: +43 (0) 650 24 25 080, Mail: info@monikabrandl.at

Certified Life and Social counselor
Kinesiologist and Certified mental coach

Holistic balance through consultation, coaching, training and kinesiology.

Dates by appointment


Frau Ingrid Waxenegger

Tribeinsiedlung 4, 8632 Gußwerk, Tel.: +43 (0) 3882 4330, Mobil: +43 (0) 664 410 31 13, Mail: ingrid.waxenegger@aon.at

Energy and awareness work in the form of seminars and workshops.

Dates by appointment



Mobile foot care

Ingrid Fellner, Tel.: +43 (0) 664 342 82 71

  • Medical pedicure
  • Sale of various care products

It is necessary to do an appointment via phone!


Holy feet Fußpflege – Sabrina Fellner

Wiener Neustädterstraße 20, 8630 Mariazell, Tel.: +43 (0) 664 539 54 20

  • Medical pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Nail corrections
  • Nail treatments

It is necessary to do an appointment via phone!


“beauty & more” Sabine Meduna

Hotel Himmelreich, Wiener Neustädterstraße 1, 8630 Mariazell, Tel.: +43 (0) 3882 34744, mariazell@hotel-himmelreich.com

Let you advise from a commercial cosmetic and get cosmetic products which are fitting to your type of skin and book your individual treatment at the reception! From “Hot-stone treatments”, over various “Alpine-Stone” massages, to the harmonic and effective massage which is working with the combination of the force of stones, warmth and massage. This method calms the body and relaxes it at the same time. The body says good-bye to his indolence and the floating of the lymph system and the circulation is improved. Doesn’t matter if drainages of the lymph or only a treatment for relaxation in a calm and cozy atmosphere. Use the unique possibility and treat yourself with a time-off in the shadow of the basilica from Mariazell and enjoy the “heaven on earth”.

Selling of Styx-nature products. Manicure. Sabine Meduna is pleased to welcome you. Appointment before the treatment would be kind.


Apotheke und Drogerie “Zur Gnadenmutter”

Hauptplatz 4, 8630 Mariazell, Tel. +43 (0) 3882 2102, office@zurgnadenmutter.at

Opening times:

Tuesday and Wednesday: 8.00 – 12.00 und 13.00 bis 17.00 Uhr,

Thursday and Friday: 8.00 – 12.00 Uhr

  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • appointment in the pharmacy or via phone




Herr Alexander Wächter

Hauptstraße 46, 8630 Gußwerk, Tel.: +43 (0) 664 461 18 77

acupuncture possible, appointment would be kind!