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Das EselReich – Halltal 37, Phone: +43 (0) 676 96 89 185

In a wunderful landscape directly in the region Mariazeller Land, which is surrounded by the mountains nature, the EselReich is located. Here lovers of donkeys find a huge offer:

Donkey hiking tours

Education and training, lessons

Equipment donkey


These and many activities more are fun not only for donkeys lovers!

Donkeys are animals which are perfect for hikers because of the gentleness, calmness and funniness. You can get to know the animal from the near during a activity which is fun for the animals and the people during a hiking tour in nature. You can enjoy the hiking tour without rucksacks, because the donkeys carry your package.

Enjoy a beautiful hiking tour with donkeys! We offer two-day hiking tours, whole day tours, half day tours and walking tours with the donkeys. Participants get their own donkey during the tour. The tours are guided in small groups.

Extreme mountain trail with donkeys: donkey hiking tours and mountain trail experiences with donkeys.

Current terms and prices you find on the homepage: www.eselreich.at

Private hiking tours or events are welcome.

For every participation and visit on the farm an appointment is necessary.

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