.... up and down in the region Mariazeller Land ....

Do you want to go on a cycling tour? Doesn’t matter if leisurely to the lake Erlaufsee or sporty to the mountain pasture Bürgeralpe – the region Mariazeller Land offers everything from cozy cycling paths to demanding mountainbike tours.

For “more relaxed” bikers the cycling path Traisentalweg invites to a cozy tour from Mariazell to St. Pölten – you can combine this tour with a drive with the railway track Mariazellerbahn.

Maps you get in the tourism office or at your accomodation.

You also find them at  “Downloads“.

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If you didn’t take your bike with you, here is an overview about the rental possibilities in the region Mariazeller Land:


Mr. Wolfram Doberer

  • There are available 4 E-Bikes
  • Prices: 3 hours € 30,- ; whole day € 36,-
  • Appointment and more information: Tel.: +43 (0) 676 325 19 24



Bike rental Hotel Himmelreich

  • There are available 4 City- and 3 mountain bikes
  • Prices: 5 hours € 8,- ; 10 hours € 14,-
  • Appointment would be kind


Restaurant Grabner

  • There are 4 bikes available
  • Prices: on request


Bike service station and bike store


Smithy and locksmith Fisch, Wienerstrasse 76, 8630 Mariazell, Tel.: +43 (0) 3882/2372 oder +43 (0) 650/8275766

Wolfgang and Michael Fisch repair all things, which are possible before. Not possible things they repair a little bit later. They repair your bike again with a full service and if you want to buy a new bike, Michael and Wolfgang Fisch also offer bikes of the brands Rock Machine, Lombardo, Aurora children’s bike as well as Spyder bikes.