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View from the tourist office

View of the main square and direction Wiener Straße



View from the top of Bürgeralpe

Mountain station – View to “Hochschabmassiv”

View of the “Hofstattlift”

Mountain station

View of the “Biberwasser”


This livecam is only up to 10.00 Uhr – 17.00 Uhr currently.
After that, a still picture is displayed.

View of the lake Erlaufstausee

with Gemeindealpe and Ötscher in the background


View of the Gemeindealpe

Webcam “Zuckerwiese”

View of the lake Erlaufsee

View of the airfield St. Sebastian

View from the observatory

View from the Jufa Mariazell

– Family Resort Sigmundsberg

View from the Gemeindealpe middle station to the summit

View of the Spielmäuer (climbing park) in Wegscheid